Whether and how “sustainable business models” effectively support sustainable development is not just a matter of design, but also of the measurability and manageability of business model effects. While the interrelations between organisations’ sustainability performance and their business models is discussed in an increasing number of academic and practice publications, appropriate management approaches for the deliberate assessment and management of business models and their expected contributions to a sustainable development of the natural environment and human society are currently not available. Therefore, this chapter discusses this research gap and proposes a conceptual framework for sustainability-oriented business model assessments.


Business model, sustainability balanced scorecard, sustainability assessment, corporate sustainability management, conceptual framework


Lüdeke-Freund, F.; Freudenreich, B; Saviuc, I.; Schaltegger, S. & Stock, M. (2016, in print): Sustainability-Oriented Business Model Assessment – A Conceptual Foundation, in: Edgeman, R.; Carayannis, E. & Sindakis, S. (Eds.): Analytics, Innovation and Excellence-Driven Enterprise Sustainability. Houndmills: Palgrave

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